Study on Maoism: Statement of Purpose

I am going to do a in depth study of Maoist politics and history in an effort to develop an effective critique of these politics. This will involve reading works written by Maoists, anti Maoist communists and bourgeois historians. I will begin my study by examining the history of Chinese Communist Party up to the trial of the Gang of Four.  After I complete my study of the CCP I will move on to the Maoist inspired movements from that time period, I will complete my study with a study of the modern politics of Marxism Leninism Maoism. I will try to write a review of most of the books I read.


My current reading list:

Maoism and the Chinese Revolution: A Critical Introduction by Elliott Liu (almost finished)

Mao’s China and After: A History of the People’s Republic by Maurice Meisner

The Shanghai Textbook

Report on the Hunan Peasant Movement by Mao

Wither China by Sheng-Wu-Lien

On Contradiction and On Practice by Mao

Analysis of the Classes in Chinese Society 

Why is it that Red Political Power can Exist in China?

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