This is a place for me to write about whatever crosses my mind, please feel free to debate with anything you see posted. I’m always growing and learning new things, as long as you keep it respectful I won’t delete you.



Comments policy:

Racism, sexism homophobia etc will get a permanent gulaging.



If you are disrespectful or annoying I will give you one warning with a description of what my problem is, if you continue I will ban you. I’m not going to waste time on temporary bans, all bans are permanent. Don’t lose hope though, if you email me and promise to be good I might let you back in. Don’t argue if I say know, I might decide to let you back later. Arguing hurts that chance.


If you want to post a super long comment on something I wrote consider making it a blog post. I’m always up for interblog exchange! If you’d like to do this email me with the linked article, I’ll try to write a response as soon as possible.


Contact me at:



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